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Tutors of Oxford NYC - GRE test prep

GRE - gre
Private GRE tutoring with Dr. Donnelly can significantly improve your gre scores.

Finding the right GRE tutor

Getting into your top-choice graduate school is a highly competitive process so you'll need to prepare thoroughly for each section of the GRE.

Luckily, Dr. Donnelly is now accepting a limited number of students for private GRE tutoring and one-on-one intensive test preparation.

With his outstanding academic credentials and over 18 years of private tutoring and teaching experience at all levels, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be one of the most experienced and qualified private GRE tutors in the country.

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Private GRE lessons with Dr. Donnelly

Private GRE tutoring and one-on-one intensive GRE test preparation courses are available in-person with Dr. Donnelly at our comfortable office located at 1460 Broadway, Suite 15017 here in Manhattan. Our quiet teaching rooms are fully equipped with whiteboards and all the necessary teaching materials required to provide an ideal learning environment.

Also, due to popular demand, Dr. Donnelly has recently begun to offer online GRE lessons via Skype for those students who live outside of the New York City area.

Contact Dr. Donnelly

For information on rates and availability or to set up a free consultation, please contact Dr. Donnelly at:

Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has helped literally hundreds of students to improve their GRE scores significantly and to achieve their graduate school goals. We are confident that he can do the same for you.

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Testimonials from Dr. Donnelly's recent GRE students

5 star review - Nick C., Manhattan, NY

"Professor! I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into some amazing programs for grad school! Particularly Georgetown's school of foreign service, which is among the top schools in the world for that area of study. I just wanted to say thank you and that you really are amazing!"


5 star review - Thomas H., Manhattan, NY

"Thanks for all the tutoring help. I earned a 169 (99th percentile) on the Verbal section of the GRE."


5 star review - Mia P., Manhattan, NY

"Dr. Donnelly is a wonderful teacher. He is quick to pinpoint weaknesses on the GRE and, in many cases, turn them into strengths. He always has a structured lesson plan and pertinent homework assignments and puts aside time in the lesson to go over trouble problems from the previous lesson. My math score increased by 15 points from 146 to 161, thanks to Dr. Donnelly and I highly recommend taking a GRE prep course with him. His patience, humor and kindheartedness make an otherwise uncomfortable standardized test almost enjoyable."

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5 star review - Monica Q., Manhattan, NY

"I aced the math section of the GRE today - score 770. Thank you again for all your help"


5 star review - Jodi Bailey, Manhattan, NY

"It has been a long time since I have been in the classroom and needed to basically re-learn concepts for the GRE. Dr. Donnelly was patient, kind and willing to work with me in various areas to help improve not just my score but my understanding of the questions on the GRE. His schedule is flexible and he is willing to work with you to give you what you need. My score went up dramatically and I would recommend Tutors of Oxford to anyone who is looking to study for the GRE."


5 star review - Pauline E., Brooklyn, NY

"Dr. Donnelly and I focused on the quantitative section of the GRE this past Summer and Fall in preparation for the November GRE's. He is patient and supportive and is clear when explaining questions that were challenging to me. He also urged me to work out questions on my own, which was extremely helpful. He created an atmosphere in which I looked forward to the challenge of each section on the practice tests, and I definitely felt more confident taking the test. If I need to prepare for another standardized test, I will definitely contact Dr. Donnelly."


4 star review - Neelu., Manhattan, NY

"Dr. Stuart Donnelly helped me prepare for the math section of the GRE and found that the fundamentals I learned from Dr. Donnelly were very helpful. With Dr. Donnelly, I received the one on one attention that I did not receive in the Kaplan prep test. I did not feel embarrassed to ask basic questions. Dr. Donnelly was very patient when explaining concepts in detail until I understood them. Additionally, he was always available via email or phone."


5 star review - Cindy Jonhson, Manhattan, NY

"I wanted to let you know my math score on the GRE was a 163 (87th percentile). I only needed a 155, so I am very happy about the results. Thank you so much for your help. I think the biggest thing you did for me was instill confidence in my abilities."


To learn more please contact Dr. Donnelly at

Tel: (917) 568-2473
Email dr.stuart.donnelly@gmail.com

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