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Tutors of Oxford NYC - Online GMAT tutoring

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With his Ph.D from Oxford University and over 18 years of private tutoring and teaching experience at all levels, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be one of the 'most experienced and qualified private tutors in Manhattan

Online GMAT prep

Due to popular demand, Dr. Donnelly offers one-on-one online GMAT prep classes via Skype for those students who live outside of the New York City area.

Online tutoring is an effective and convenient test prep option which lets us speak “face-to-face” as we view a shared whiteboard. Most of my online GMAT students have been surprisingly pleased with online tutoring for two reasons:

1: It’s efficient and convenient since no time is wasted getting to and from each lesson.
2: The format of online tutoring lets you keep all the notes from our sessions and hence, you can focus on the content at hand and review the lesson notes afterward.

Homework assignments are also sent at the end of each online class and lesson fees can be conveniently accepted over the phone via all major credit cards.

Why choose Dr. Donnelly?

Dr. Stuart Donnelly, the founder of Tutors of Oxford NYC, is considered by many leading educators to be one of the "most experienced and qualified private GMAT tutors in the country".

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Contact Dr. Donnelly

For information on rates and availability or to set up a free consultation via Skype, please contact Dr. Donnelly at:

Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has helped literally hundreds of students to improve their GMAT scores significantly and to achieve their MBA goals. We are confident that he can do the same for you.

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To learn more please contact Dr. Stuart Donnelly at

Tel: (917) 568-2473
Email dr.stuart.donnelly@gmail.com

Advantage of Private Lessons Individual private lessons are simply the most effective method for students to improve their subject knowledge and to increase their test scores significantly. (Click to learn more).

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History of Tutors of Oxford The original Tutors of Oxford was founded in Hong Kong by Dr. Donnelly in 1993 before relocating to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC in 1998. (Click to learn more)

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